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Today, with more than 3.5 billion Google searches performed each day, most companies understood the importance of showing up for relevant search queries. There are very few ways to increase websites’ visibility in search results, most notably search engine optimization (SEO) or search engine marketing (SEM). While SEO focuses on strategies to boost organic ranking, SEM uses paid advertising to display websites in search results. They are both critical assets to a company’s digital marketing strategy but paid search has its own set of advantages which are worth discussing.

There are different paid search platforms available, but Google Ads is the most popular with about 65% of the market share. We have pulled together a list of advantages of paid search campaigns as well as some useful tips to conduct them:


If your objective is to increase awareness on a new service, sell more products or expand your email marketing list, paid search can play a crucial role in reaching these goals. Within Google Ads you are able to look for keywords used to find product or services and bid on them. We recommend starting with 10-20 keywords and test them, in order to see how each one performs. 2. QUICK TO EXECUTE

A SEO campaign can take months to increase visibility in search whereas paid search allows you to have results in a short timeframe. Contrary to SEO, paid search allows you to show up immediately for the keywords you want to target. It takes only a few hours to get an effective campaign up and running in Google Ads, however what does take time is their ongoing monitoring and optimization in order to ensure long-term results. 3. FLEXIBILITY TO OPTIMIZE

Paid search campaigns are extremely easy to optimize. Every aspect of your campaign can be controlled from keywords to extensions and landing pages. Based on the data acquired from your Google Ads account, you can precisely determine what’s working and what’s not.


With Google Ads you will only pay when someone clicks on your ad, which means no additional time and money wasted on impressions for users who won’t actually engage with your ad. Another important benefit is the fact that there is no minimum spending requirement, so if you are a smaller company and you have budget constraints, paid search could be a great option. 5. MEASURABLE RESULTS

One of the biggest advantages of digital marketing is being able to provide results that can back up your efforts. Google Ads is no exception, as it allows you to measure results for every ad, every keyword and every user. By connecting your Google Ads account with a Google Analytics one, you can easily determine what’s working and what’s not in your paid search campaign.

Ultimately, each company has different needs and it’s important to take that into account when determining your digital marketing strategy. With a good SEO ranking (in organic results) you are already winning, but with SEM activity, you benefit from additional advantages given its effective direct nature.

We believe that with the right coaching, any business can turn leads into customers and benefit the bottom line by using SEO and SEM, no matter what size it is or what industry it belongs to.


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